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Learn a phrasal verb every day with this series of short podcasts by Luke Thompson from Luke’s English Podcast.

Each episode contains definitions, explanations and improvised examples of each phrase to help you understand and remember these complex but important parts of the English language! Transcripts are also available for every episode.

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May 30, 2016

to plough = when a farmer breaks up the earth in a field to prepare it for growing crops, using a plough. See pic. 1. to plough on/ahead = to keep going even though it's difficult "I've got to get this report done by tomorrow, so I just have to plough ahead" "We decided to plough ahead with the decision to move to new premises, even though it was unpopular" "She completely ignored my question and just ploughed on" (she didn't listen to me and just kept talking) 2. to plough through something = to read something, or deal with something that takes a lot of time and effort "I have this huge financial report to plough through before the meeting tomorrow morning" "I have tons of exam marking to plough through" "What are you doing later?" "Just ploughing through all my expenses" 3. to plough into something = when a vehicle crashes with a heavy impact "The bus ploughed into the side of my car and I was badly hurt" More at